_MGM3723_edited-1Hi my name is Cheri Martinen.

This site is so you can get to know me. Where I come from, what I am good at, what I am bad at and everything in-between.

Some people say I am an insurance agent, but I am much more than just a salesman of insurance products. I am an;

  • Educator: teaching my clients about insurance products and coverages.
  • Watch Dog: protecting my clients from unforeseen holes in their insurance keeping them and their families protected.
  • Fine Tooth Comb: reading the fine print of each policy and finding you discounts and bonuses.
  • Leader: in bringing my clients, family, and friends the best new insurance companies and using technology to make all of our lives easier.

I am also a daughter, wife, and entrepreneur trying to better my community and make the world a nicer place to live. I am organized and creative, a relentless planner and a decent cook(says my husband ;). I have faults too just like anyone else. I am a bad speller and have been known to kill a tomato plant. I don’t mind laundry, but I really don’t like vacuuming (now you know, when you come to my house don’t sit on the floor).

Learn more about me and connect with me on Social Media. I am a sucker for Cat Videos, TED talks, and NPR (National Public Radio) so you might see some of that on my news feed.

Want to know about my professional past. No problem check out my About Me Page or go peruse my Resume.