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Me and My Husband
My Husband Ed and I Tasting some North West Beer. Cheers

I started this website so people could get to know me.

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and insurance agents I am the 4th generation(great grandpa, grandpa, dad and now me all insurance agents). I was brought up in the small town of La Pine, Oregon, I spent many summers working as an office assistant in my parent’s family owned insurance agency, Bancorp Insurance.

After graduating from Southern Oregon University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration I went on to work in the marketing department of my family’s insurance agency. While there I found myself to be extremely proficient in working with Agency Revolution, a Send Pepper agency management marketing system designed and marketed by Michael Jans to independent insurance agents throughout the United States.

Branching out on my own as an freelance consultant, I began offering services to insurance agencies in need of help implementing their soup to nuts marketing campaigns and integrating social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +). Thus, Actively Implementing Marketing Solutions was born.

In addition to Agency Revolution and Send Pepper, I expanded my knowledge base to include FireFly, Office Auto Pilot, and Ontraport software. I was the first Ontraport class to completed the Ontraport Certification Program in 2013.

I freelanced helping entrepreneurs from all different industry’s. I freelanced for insurance agents, self help gurus, personal trainers and online marketers. I built email campaigns, postcard campaigns, webinar funnels, follow-up call funnels, welcome kits, cross sell sequences, renewal sequence, book sales funnels, recurring payment funnels and affiliate campaigns. To say it simply I learned a lot and did a lot. After a few years though I was looking for more. Something different. Something bigger. In 2014 after speaking with my family I decided to try my hand at insurance.

Today, I work in my family business Bancorp Insurance helping people all over the U.S. with their insurance needs. I focus on educating the public about home and auto insurance, commercial and business insurance, health care, and medicare. Making sure no mater where you buy your insurance, you can make a smart educated decisions on your coverage needs.

For fun I like to hike, fish, wake board, float the river, cross country ski,  and play board games. My stomach does not digest dairy products and I like cats. I enjoy circus arts and dance. I also have been known to play a good pick up game of basketball. I love to travel and have stamps in my passport from Turkey, Britain, Holland, France, Italy, Greece, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mexico, Canada, Belize and Thailand. If you ask me about my year long international exchange in Turkey I can enlighten you on the importance of travel and youth exchange, but I will not go into that unless you ask.

I have lived in La Pine OR, Ashland OR, Pocatello ID, and Moses Lake WA. If you can’t tell I like small town America. Other little known fact about me I am not a good speller. So all school teachers and grammar lovers beware of my bad spelling, missed punctuation, and word usage.