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Annual Oregon Onsite Wastewater Conference & Tradeshow

January 30 & 31, 2015

2015-01-31 08.50.22

Last weekend was the first of many conferences I will be attending with Bancorp Insurance. I attended the booth with Rex Leseuur and Tammy Lesueur. As you walked into the Tradeshow room the walls where lined with booths. Some of them with large black plastic holding tanks, others with laser levels, and fancy hoses for the industry. Then there was our booth (see picture).

We talked to lots of contractors about their business insurance needs and about their personal or health insurance needs. Most of the attendees to this event have been coming for years and knew Rex by name. It was nice to meet them and get to know them during the short breaks they got during the conference.

I can tell I have a lot of learning to do I could not answer most of the question asked but I am ok at chit chat and was still able to have lots of conversation although they might not be about insurance. I am looking forward to how this conference will be different for me in just one year form now.

Shout out to my friend Matt B. for the great dinner in downtown Portland. See you next time I am in town.