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Conferences Spur Great Ideas

Conferences Spur Great Ideas

As an internet marketer, I spend a lot of time online. A LOT. Which means I tend to jump on any opportunity to disconnect. Global Business SeminarConferences for one are a great way to step away from the computer and make a new kind of connection, the kind that seems to have been devalued in the tech age, human connection, or networking.


Sometimes I attend conferences special to those in the insurance industry; sometimes I go to a WordPress camp; other times I’ll hit up a Rotary conference. And you know what? I truly look forward to each of my visits with these wonderful organizations.


New people means new ideas, and to be quite on honest, in this industry, you’ll take any helpful advice you can get.

  • A new strategy for content marketing? Great, let me hear it.
  • Tips for getting OfficeAutoPilot to work better for me? Go on.
  • Tricks for updating my WordPress website? Tell. Me. Now.


What I’m getting at here is that conferences are more than just social hour; they are a hotbed of information. Often times, you’ll even meet the source of these new tips and tricks. And really, what could be better than learning from the best?


Some people shy away from conferences, but I think that they are essential to growing your business. For the insurers out there, Agency Revolution puts on a great conferences that brings together some of the best and the brightest in the insurance industry. I’ve been to the conference myself, and the exchange of ideas is phenomenal!


A few of my clients work in the fitness industry, and I can tell you that, as a group, they are some of the most open to exploring new ideas for training, or even drawing in more customers to their gyms. For them, attending conferences is a no brainer.


No matter what your market, odds are it is competitive, so why not cozy up to the competition and see how they do it? You just might learn something.


If you are going to Ontrapalooza this year I will see you there!





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