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ONTRApalooza 2014 Rundown

ONTRApalooza 2014 Rundown


Again I am so happy to be able to attend this amazing conference in beautiful Santa Barbara. So in case you could not make it here is a quick rundown of my experience of this great event.

Ontraport New Features

Let’s get down to the good stuff right away. We had to wait till Friday morning but I am giving it to you first. Just to be clear all of these new features should be available now in Ontraport 3.0 except the Custom Objects.

  • New Payment API
    • Stripe and Worldpay Integrations
    • Coupon Codes for Groups and Personal Coupons.
  • New Landing Pages
    • Impact your SEO
    • New Smart Forms Built In
    • Useful templates with items such as event count downs built in
  • New Email Creator
    • Now you can do more than just text editing.
  • New Ontraport Mobile App!
    • Send Emails (from library), assign contacts to sequences, add/remove tags, add new contacts, and call and text individual contacts straight from your phone.
  • Custom Objects! (coming soon)
    • This new tool will let you create custom datasets and link them together to manage and automate sophisticated business processes.
      • Think bid Proposals, support tickets, calendar appointments, and surveys for a special group within your contacts. (yeah now your getting excited)


Now that we got the new features out of the way I will tell you about some of the speakers.

Julia Allison
Journalist, Public Speaker

Julia had some great advice but some of the take ways I took from her speech was to seduce the Press. You want to give the press/writer a good story with intrigue. Give them some dirt and show them something unique about you. Being Authentic is also important. Think interesting, but also out of the ordinary with a story of true heroism. She also suggested becoming friends with working reporters who write the way you would like to be portrayed. This helps you get your stories published and it also will keep you in a good light.

Julia’s other big tip which she mentioned several times is do NOT WRITE A PRESS RELEASE! She says they are trash and get thrown away create a Press Kit instead. Learn more about Julia here.

Jack Canfield
Best-selling author, self-esteem expert

Take advice from the creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul! When I first realized Jacks speech would be 2 hours I was not sure if I could sit through it. Boy did he prove me wrong. My main take-a-way form Jack’s speech was E+R=O.

Event + Response = Outcome

You want to make yourself and your business better. Look at your Outcome. To get the Outcome you are looking for change your response. Sounds simple, but I think we can all take a look at our businesses and our personal lives and implement this simple rule to better ourselves.

Shelby Larson
SEO and Marketing

Shelby was great giving us real life examples. She made it easy to understand how we all need to move toward Intent Content Marketing to see real results from our online content. The idea is to publish content that speaks to the intent of the searcher not primarily the key words. Search engines are evolving and so is the way we use them. So driving your content for the intent of the searcher is the new way to gain great results in Google. Shelby also talked about moving your visitors on your website from one page to the next in a low tech tactic to keep users on your site longer. Lowering your bounce rate and raising website clicks. This shows Google your content is up to par with what its searchers are looking for. To learn more about Shelby and her pet dragons click here.

Michelle Villalobos
Group facilitator, Consultant

Michelle’s main focus for this speech was on branding yourself for success. You want to be the Christian Louboutin of your industry. You want people to just see the red bottoms and know who you are. Type in red sole shoes into Google and Christian Louboutin are the only ones to pop up. You want to be the trainer of the stars, the dog whisper, or the super nanny. We all know instantly what these people do and what their Niche is. Create that for yourself with the 5×10 glossy pictures and a trait that helps you stand out from the rest. Learn more about Michelle and what she is all about by clicking here.

A Big Thank You

I also want to thank Gene Hammett who is the only person I met this weekend to call me after talking to me this weekend! :O He gave an amazing speech on how pod casting can change your business. Learn more about Gene and how he can help you with your business now here. I also want to give a big shout out to Landon Ray. Your speech this year was amazing and you definitely set the bar high for the other speakers. Finally thank you to all of the Ontraport Staff without you guys working so hard we could not grow our businesses and change the world.