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Hello Ello! Goodbye Facebook?

Hello Ello! Goodbye Facebook?

At 35,000 new users PER HOUR, could the new social network Ello give Facebook a run for its money?


A new network hit the social Web this summer and even though it’s still just in private beta, it could very well appeal to social media-lites who are over the Facebook ways. With more user-privacy and ad-free interface, Ello seems to be on the right track to do just that. To shorten up the learning curve, AIMS compiled a summary of Ello features so you can determine if it might be your cup of tea:

  1. Ello is still in beta, meaning it is still being developed.   So be prepared for a buggy user experience. Of course these bugs will be worked out over time, but it will require some patience for now.
  1. Ello doesn’t “like” posts, it “LOVES” posts. Though it’s supposed to be oh-so-different than Facebook, it does have its version of liking posts by hitting the heart (love) icon under a user’s post. A difference being however, that by loving a post it will bookmark it for later reference.
  1. Ello uses a black bar at the top of your stream called the, Omnibar. This important feature is where the action happens allowing you to post content, @mention people, private message people using @@username, and eventually add audio and video files.
  1. Ello is putting privacy as a top priority, unlike the other social sites we’ve grown to love and/or resent. It’s actually pretty crazy the amount of information Facebook gathers and keeps on us users.
  1. Ello has new users agree to its anti-tracking and anti-advertising manifesto, and you can opt out of their Google Analytics tracking to keep even more privacy… of course all of this is for the time being.
  1. Ello “Friends” are more like Follows on Twitter with no friend requests necessary. You can follow someone without them knowing it by categorizing them as “Noise” versus “Friend”. But if you do categorize them as a Friend, they will be notified.
  1. Ello allows your content to show up in someone else’s feed if they have categorized you as a Friend, and your activity if you’re labeled as Noise.
  1. Ellow gives you the option to filter your Friend and Noise feed separately, so you can choose your viewing experience more specifically.


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